WritePeace is SIPRI's blog with timely commentary on conflict, peace and security. It expresses and builds on SIPRI's vision of a world in which sources of insecurity are identified and understood, conflicts are prevented or resolved, and peace is sustained.

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Hosted Blog: Economists on Conflict

Economists on Conflict is a group blog discussing issues that are pressing and relevant to the policy, practice and theory of economics and development in conflict and crisis-affected contexts. Co-hosted by SIPRI and Economists for Peace and Security (EPS), this blog aims to promote global discussion and shared learning on economic aspects of peace and security.

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Archived blog: SIPRI Global health

Within the past decade there has been a growing recognition of the relationship between foreign policy and health. In this blog we examine these issues at the nexus of international affairs, health and security. We look at how foreign policy and health interact and impact upon each other, providing commentary on current events and health from a security viewpoint. 

This blog is no longer being updated.

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Latest SIPRI Yearbook data launches

14 Dec. 2015:
 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2014. Read the press release.

22 Feb. 2016: International arms transfers data for 2015. Read the press release.

5 Apr. 2016: World military expenditure data for 2015. Read the press release.

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