Dr Mathieu Duchâtel

duchatel130x100.jpgCitizenship: France
Position at SIPRI: Senior researcher and Head of the Project
Subject expertise:
foreign and security policy analysis, maritime security
Regional expertise: China, East Asia, Taiwan and cross-strait relations
Languages: English, Chinese, French
Education: PhD in Political Science, Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), Paris
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Dr Mathieu Duchâtel joined SIPRI’s China and Global Security Project in July 2011 as a Senior Researcher and Head China representative. He has been Head of the project since October 2012. As SIPRI’s representative in Beijing, he develops research cooperation with Chinese institutions and outreach activities.

Current activities at SIPRI
  • Maritime security in the East China Sea
  • China and the security of the Korean peninsula
  • EU-China relations
  • The protection of Chinese nationals overseas
Former positions
  • Visiting Researcher, School of International Studies, Peking University, 2011–12
  • Research Fellow, Asia Centre, centre études Asie, Paris, 2006–11
  • Chief Editor, China Analysis, joint publication of Asia Centre and the European Council on Foreign Relations, 2007–11
  • Lecturer, Sciences Po Paris and the French National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations, 2008–11
Professional Affiliations
  • Associate Research Fellow, Asia Centre, Paris
  • Association of Chinese Political Studies (ACPS), member
  • European Association of Chinese Studies (EACS), member
  • French Association of Chinese Studies (AFEC), member
  • EU CSCAP Committee, member
Recent publications (selection)
  • Duchâtel, M., 'The Impact of the Sunflower Movement on Cross-Strait relations', SWP/SIIS 11th conference on EU–China relations and the Taiwan issue, Shanghai, 14-16 September 2014
  • Duchâtel, M., 'Tactical Pause in China's Economic Engagement with North Korea', China Brief, vol. 14, no. 9, 7 May 2014
  • Duchâtel, M., Bräuner, O. and Zhou, H., Protecting China’s Overseas Interests: The Slow Shift away from Non-interference, SIPRI Policy Paper no. 41, June 2014
  • Duchâtel, M. and Schell, P., China’s Policy on North Korea: Economic Engagement and Nuclear Disarmament, SIPRI Policy Paper no. 40, Dec. 2013
  • Duchâtel, M., Bromley M. and Holtom, P., China’s Exports of Small Arms and Light Weapons, SIPRI Policy Paper no. 38, Oct. 2013
  • Duchâtel, M., 'The protection of Chinese nationals abroad and EU-China cooperation', Guoji zhengzhi jikan, no. 2 (2013), pp. 36–42 (in Chinese)
  • Duchâtel, M., 'Taiwan’s policy towards the East and South China Sea disputes: implications for cross-strait relations', SWP/SIIS 10th conference on EU-China relations and the Taiwan issue, Shanghai, 29–30 July 2013
  • Duchâtel, M., 'La politique étrangère chinoise sous Xi Jinping' [China’s foreign policy under Xi Jinping], Hérodote, no. 150 (2013)
  • Duchâtel, M., 'Cross-strait relations after the re-election of Ma Ying-jeou: towards political negotiations?', SWP/SIIS 9th conference on EU–China relations and the Taiwan issue, Shanghai, July 2–3, 2012
  • Duchâtel, M. and Sheldon-Duplaix, A., 'La modernisation de la marine chinoise : priorités régionales, ambitions globales?' [The modernization of the PLA Navy: regional priorities, global ambitions],  S. Boisseau du Rocher, Une Asie toujours plus centrale (La documentation française: Paris, 2012), pp. 61–79
  • Duchâtel, M. and Zylberman J., Les nouveaux communistes chinois (Armand Colin: Paris, 2012)
  • Duchâtel, M. and Sheldon-Duplaix, A., 'The European Union and the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army Navy: the limits of Europe’s strategic irrelevance', China Perspectives, 2011/4, pp. 31–43
  • Duchâtel, M., 'The terrorist factor in China’s policy towards Pakistan: strategic reassurance and the united front', The Journal of Contemporary China, vol. 20, no. 71 (Sep. 2011), pp. 543–61
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