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The unfolding humanitarian crisis around Lake Chad: UN report falls short of naming environmental dimensions

Dr Florian Krampe

Dr Florian Krampe provides commentary on the newly launched Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in the Lake Chad Basin region, arguing that the report would have been stronger if it had highlighted the underlying environmental contributions of the region’s fragility.

North Korea's sixth nuclear test: What do we know so far?

Robert E. Kelley

Robert Kelley provides analysis of North Korea's sixth nuclear test, taking a look at what we know so far.

The G20 Summit and chemical weapons in Syria

Dr John Hart

The G20 Summit will be held in Hamburg on 7–8 July 2017. The UN Security Council and OPCW member states remain unable to agree Syrian Government responsibility for any of the continued instances of chemical warfare.

Hiroshima Declaration by G-7 Foreign Ministers falls short

Tariq Rauf

The so-called ‘Hiroshima Declaration’ adopted today by the G-7 Foreign Ministers is a major disappointment and a wasted opportunity for nuclear disarmament.

Economics trumps geopolitics as China announces lowest defence budget increase in years

Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman

On 5 March, the opening day of the annual National People’s Congress, China announced a 7.6 per cent increase in its National Defense budget for 2016—or a total of 954 billion yuan ($146 billion).

North Korea's Space Launch

Tariq Rauf

North Korea launched a space launch vehicle on 7 February 2016 at around 09:00 local time, with the aim of placing a satellite into the Earth’s orbit.

Another nuclear test announced by North Korea: Searching for a plan of action?

Tariq Rauf

On 6 January 2016, North Korea announced that it had successfully detonated a ‘hydrogen’ or thermonuclear device. Despite international doubt, we shouldn't underestimate North Korea's capabilities.

Damage limitation for Vienna document

Dr Ian Anthony

Last week, Nato's secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg launched the idea of reworking the Vienna Document on Confidence and Security Building Measures.

On ‘International Right to Know Day’ – how transparent is NATO?

Dr Ian Davis

NATO does not publish an annual financial report on its revenue and expenditure, even though other intergovernmental bodies, such as the EU and World Bank, do.

The 2015 UN Register on Conventional Arms: still time to improve

Pieter D. Wezeman and Siemon T. Wezeman

Following the trend in 2012–14, 2015 is likely to be another disappointing year for transparency in arms transfers.