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China, Russia and the future of peacebuilding

Chinese and Russian approaches to peacebuilding are part of the evolving and indeed contested landscape of international peace and security. Understanding their impacts requires understanding the similarities and differences between them.

Military spending and development aid after the invasion of Ukraine

Both official development assistance and military spending have surged among OECD donor countries since February 2022. What role has Ukraine-related spending had in this rise and how have governments balanced spending priorities?

Small and micro launchers in the NewSpace era: New missile proliferation risks or more of the same?

This topical backgrounder seeks to create a better understanding of current trends in small and micro launchers and how they contribute to missile proliferation risks.

Food security programming: Strengthening preparedness, responses and prevention

With acute food insecurity on the rise around the world, this topical backgrounder presents four suggestions for making food security programming more cost-effective in a time of funding constraints, climate change and heightened conflict risk.

Tensions on the Belarus border: A look at military spending and arms import patterns

With heated rhetoric and intensified military activity along its borders with NATO neighbours, what does SIPRI data reveal about the status of Belarus's military?

Multilateral peace operations in 2022: Developments and trends

To mark the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, SIPRI is releasing new data on multilateral peace operations in 2022.

Iraq in 2023: Challenges and prospects for peace and human security

A snapshot of the situation and remaining challenges for Iraq, two decades after the invasion.

Iraq since the invasion: 20 years in SIPRI data

To commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on 20 March, SIPRI has prepared this Topical Backgrounder along with an Interactive chronology of security developments in Iraq spanning from 2002 to 2021. These materials are components of a larger collection of new materials that SIPRI is creating to commemorate the anniversary.

The proposed hike in Japan’s military expenditure

On 23 December 2022, the Japanese cabinet unveiled its 2023 budget for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), totalling 6.8 trillion yen ($52 billion). The new budget is 26 per cent higher than the JSDF budget for 2022, the largest year-on-year nominal increase in planned military spending since at least 1952.

Environmental accountability, justice and reconstruction in the Russian war on Ukraine

This Topical Backgrounder looks at the steps being taken in and beyond Ukraine to measure war-linked environmental damage, hold Russia to account and support green reconstruction, and puts them in an international context.