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SIPRI has published hundreds of books, reports, fact sheets, background papers and policy briefs since its first book appeared in 1969. Oxford University Press publishes and distributes some SIPRI publication series. Other are available to download or buy directly from SIPRI.

SIPRI publications aim to provide policymakers, researchers, the media and the interested public with reliable information, analysis and recommendations. They are peer-reviewed, use only open sources and are transparent about the sources used.
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Western Arms Exports to China

Western Arms Exports to China
Oliver Bräuner, Mark Bromley and Mathieu Duchâtel

This Policy Paper details the policies of four Western states—France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States—on transfers of military-related technologies to China, including military goods, dual-use items—goods and technologies that have the potential to be used in both civilian and military products—and other non-controlled items that have played a role in the development of China’s military capabilities.

The authors conclude that, while Western transfers of militarily-relevant technology to China will remain limited for the foreseeable future, Western states need to develop more harmonized and transparent approaches to the issue that take relevant developments within China into account.


International security
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The SIPRI Yearbook is known worldwide as an authoritative and independent source for politicians, diplomats, journalists and analysts seeking insight on issues of armaments and arms control, armed conflicts and conflict resolution, security arrangements and disarmament, as well as the most important longer-term trends in international security.

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