Conference Program

Subjects for sessions will include:

  • Drivers of armed conflict
  • Economic consequences of armed conflict
  • Drivers of military spending
  • Military expenditure, growth and development
  • Natural resources, conflict and militarization
  • Economics of terrorism
  • Theories of conflict and co-operation
  • Economics of the defence sector
  • The arms industry and trade
  • Economics of arms procurement
  • Economics of post-conflict situations
  • Regional security and economics
  • Political economy of conflict and militarization



Thursday 13 June

19:00 Pre-conference lecture and reception, by Prof. Dr. Tilman Brück, Director, SIPRI.

Location: SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, SE-169 70 Solna, click here for directions. (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE)
Commuters train station: Solna Station

Open to the public.  



Friday 14 June: Conference day 1, SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, Solna 

Location: SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, Solna 

08:30-09:00 Registration and coffee

09:00: Welcome from conference organizer

09:10: Welcome speech: Göran Lennmarker, SIPRI Chairman, former chairperson of Swedish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.

09:40: Keynote speech: Prof. Paul Dunne (University of Cape Town) will present a paper by Prof. Ron Smith (Birkbeck College, UK) on “The economic costs of military conflicts. Professor Smith has regrettably had to drop out for urgent family reasons.

10:30: Coffee break

10:50-12:30: Parallel sessions 1a and 1b (see sessions list at the bottom)

12:30: lunch

14:00: Parallel sessions 2a and 2b

15:40: Coffee

16:00: Parallel sessions 3a and 3b 18:00: Close 

18:30: Those who wish may join a party departing for the Making Peace exhibition at the Nobel Museum, Gamla Stan.



Saturday 15 June: Conference day 2, SIPRI 

09:00: Parallel sessions 4a, 4b & 4c

11:00: Coffee

11:15 Parallel sessions 5a, 5b & 5c

12:30: Lunch

14:00 Parallel sessions 6a, 6b & 6c

15:40: Coffee

16:00: Parallel sessions 7a & 7b

17:15: Closing session

17:30: Close 

18:50: For anyone still in the building, departure for conference dinner. 

19:30: Conference dinner, Piperska Muren, Scheelegatan 14, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. Map:



Sunday, 16 June: Optional day trip for conference participants

Day trip to ancient Viking settlement of Birka

(Optional, not covered by conference fee. Cost: SEK345).

09:15: Meet at Stadshusbron, central Stockholm, for day-trip to Birka.

Boat departs 09:30.



16:30: Return to Stadshusbron.




Session 1a (Friday, 10:50-12:30, conference room) “Political economy of the military” 

Chair: Christos Kollias

  • Nicholas Thorne, “Interdependence of the United States Government and its Domestic Defense Industry”
  • Luc Walhain, “US Military Bases in Korea since 1945: A History of ‘Collateral Profits”
  • Julien Malizard, “Is there Military Keynesianism? An Evaluation in the Case of France with Disaggregated Data”
  • Paul Dunne, “Military Spending, Crisis and the Falling rate of Profit”


Session 1b (Friday, 10:50-12:30, piano room) “Determinants of military spending”

Chair: Stefan Markowski

  • Hamid Ali, “Military Spending and Peace Agreements”
  • Paschalis Arvanitidis , Christos Kollias & Konstantinos Anastasopoulos, “Is there a worldwide convergence in military expenditures?”
  • Ünar Töngür, Sara Tsu & Adem Elveren, “Military Expenditures and Political Regimes: An Analysis for Global Data, 1950-2006”
  • Sverre Kvalvik, Tore Nyhammar & Sam Perlo-Freeman, “Consequences of the financial crisis for NATO”


Session 2a (Friday 14:00-15:40, conference room) “Natural resources, conflict and military spending”

Chair: Paul Dunne

  • Elliot Brennan, “Rare Earth Metals: A critical strategic resource in Asia”
  • Jennifer Brauner & Sam Perlo-Freeman, “Military Expenditures and Natural Resources in the MENA region”
  • Angelika Rettberg & Juan-Felipe Ortiz-Riomalo, “Golden Conflict: Regional Patterns in the Relationship Between Gold, Armed Conflict, and Criminality in Colombia”
  • Lena Guesnet, “Oil, conflict and military expenditure: the Chad example”


Session 2b (Friday 14:00-15:40, piano room) “European security policies”

Chair: Asher Tishler

  • Karolina Libront: “Economization of German security policy - a case of German-Russian relations”
  • Jonathan Feldman, “A model of Swedish security policy”
  • Anna Tomaszczyk, “Germany's role in military crisis management: a selective security provider?”


Session 3a (Friday 16:00-18:00, conference room) “Defence planning and management”

Chair: Thomas Baumert

  • Tomas Scheetz, “Theory of Economic Management of the Armed Forces”
  • Josselin Droff & Renaud Bellais, “The spatial organization of defence support: challenges and opportunities in Europe”
  • Ebru Caymaz, Volkan Akyön & Fabri Erenel, “Chaos Management In Disasters: From A Military Point Of View”
  • Asher Tishler & Eyal Pecht, “Military intelligence and Human Capital”
  • Asher Tishler & Eyal Pecht, “The value of military intelligence”


Session 3b (Friday 16:00-18:00, piano room) “Arms industry”

Chair: Gülay Günlük-Senesen

  • Samet Özkan, “An Exploratory Research On Financial Leasing In Defense Industry: The Turkish Case”
  • Alessandro Ungaro & Alessandro Marrone, “Trends in the defence offset market”
  • Matthew Ross, “Political Uncertainty and Equity Returns: The Case of Military Contractor Firms”
  • Stefan Markowski, Peter Hall & Robert Wylie, “The perceived performance deficit in defence procurement - Reasons and remedies”
  • Gueorgui Ianakiev, “Defence Offsets: Regulation and Impact on the Integration of the European Defence Equipment Market”


Session 4a (Saturday, 09:00-11:00, conference room) “Armed conflict”

Chair: Sam Perlo-Freeman

  • Daniel Meierrieks, “The Roots of Islamist Armed Struggle, 1968-2007”
  • Ricardo Sousa, “External intervention in the post-Cold War in Africa”
  • Michael Nwankpa, “The politics of amnesty in Nigeria”
  • Abosede Babatunde, “Youth militias and the militarisation of the Niger Delta”
  • Adel Daoud & Hans Ekbrand, “Child poverty and armed conflict”


Session 4b (Saturday, 09:00-11:00, piano room) “Terrorism”

Chair: Tomas Scheetz

  • Caroline Buts & Cind du Bois, “A note on military support and terrorism: quick affair or longer term relationship?”
  • Thomas Baumert & Mikal Buesa, “Untangling ETA’s finance: an in-depth analysis of the Basque’s terrorist economic network and the money it handles”
  • Thomas Baumert & Sabine Tomasko, “Terrorism as a strategic challenge for business: Crisis management in the German rail travel industry”
  • Thomas Baumert, paper on the Boston marathon bombing (title TBA)
  • Athina Economou & Christos Kollias, “Do terrorist attacks influence attitudes towards immigration?”


Session 4c (Saturday, 09:00-11:00, library)  “Post-conflict and SSR”

Chair: Elisabeth Sköns


  • Irene Lubberman Schroetenboer, “Post-conflict reconstruction of the payment system in Bosnia & Herzegovina”
  • Francisco Ngongo, “Economic Growth with Human poverty in Post Conflict Angola”
  • Guro Lien, “Bringing the economy back in. The political economy of SSR”
  • Grzegorz Gil, “Statebuilding for peace: FAQ”
  • Andreas Varisco, “Using Knowledge In Security Sector Reform (SSR) Policy: The Influence Of Research On British-Led SSR In Sierra Leone”


Session 5a (Saturday 11:15-12:30, conference room) “Conflict: theoretical aspects”

Chair: Hamid Ali

  • Thomas Gries & Natasa Bilkic, “When to Attack an Oppressive Government?”
  • Neil Ferguson & Topher Douglas, “Growing and Shrinking Peacefully: Cooperative Game Theory and the Pre-Conditions for Conflict”
  • Raul Caruso, “International prices and continuing conflict: theory and evidence from sub-Saharan Africa (1995-2006)”


Session 5b (Saturday 11:15-12:30, piano room) “International arms trade”

Chair: Lloyd Dumas

  • Oliver Cover & Saad Mustafa, “Identifying corruption risks in defence and security”
  • Topher McDougall, “The way of the gun”
  • Nils Duquet, “The impact of the Arab Spring on European arms export control”


Session 5c (Saturday 11:15-12:30, library), “Military expenditure and growth in Africa”

Chair: Selami Sezgin

  • Nan Tian & Paul Dunne, “Military spending, conflict and economic growth in Africa”
  • Giorgio D’Agostino, Paul Dunne & Luca Pieroni, “Military Expenditure, Endogeneity and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa”


Session 6a (Saturday, 14:00-15:40, conference room), “More on military expenditure determinants”

Chair: Eftychia Nikolaidou

  • Gülay Günlük-Senesen, “Odds for arms? An assessment of state chance game revenues in Turkey”
  • Sabina Morales-Rosas & Carlos A. Pérez Ricart, “Militarization in Mexico: understanding the military paradigm beyond expenditure”
  • Erik Kopac, “Military Expenditures and Military transformation”
  • Ron Smith, Filiz Yesilyurt and M. Ensar Yesilyurt, “Meta-Analysis and military expenditure”


Session 6b (Saturday, 14:00-15:40, piano room), “(mostly on) Russian military expenditure”

Chair: Renaud Bellais

  • Susanne Oxenstierna, “The Russian Defence Budget and the State Armamament Programme up to 2020”
  • Cecilie Sendstad & Una Hakvåg, “Military budgeting and armed forces reform in Russia”
  • Vasily Zatsepin, “Laws, secrecy and statistics: recent developments in Russian defence budgeting”
  • Bengt-Göran Bergstrand, “Using Military Expenditure Data as a Confidence and Security Building Measure: The UN and OSCE experience”


Session 6c (Saturday, 14:00-15:40, library), “Political economy and conflict”

Chair: Raul Caruso

  • Abdur Chowdhury & Mansoob Murshed, “Civil war and the fiscal capacity of the state”
  • Annelie Schlaug, “Peacebuilding as anti-militarism?”
  • Vanessa Boese, “Viva la revolucion”
  • Lloyd Dumas, “Changing the Context: Mobilizing the Power of Economic Relationships to Promote Peace”


Session 7a (Saturday 16:00-17:15, conference room) “Economic impact of military expenditure”

Chair: Mansoob Murshed

  • Khin Ma Ma Myo, “Military expenditures and economic growth in Asia”
  • Eftychia Nikolaidou, “Military expenditure and the debt crisis in Southern Europe”
  • Naci Saruc, Selami Sezgin & Mustafa Beser, “Military expenditure and economic growth in Turkey: revisited”


Session 7b (Saturday 16:00-17:15, piano room) “Conflict and co-operation”

Chair: Sam Perlo-Freeman

  • George Madoda, “Regional security and trade performance in sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Arvin Khoshnood, “Water scarcity in the Levant: the cost of water, war and co-operation”
  • Sheldon Levy, “Toward A General Theory of Human Behavior: Solidarity, Status, Cooperation and Conflict—a symbolic logic approach”