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  • SIPRI Director Ian Anthony commented on the Russian–US Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty for PenzaNews.

  • Zhou Hang wrote an opinion piece for African Arguments on relations between China and South Sudan and Sudan.

  • Oliver Bräuner wrote an opinion piece in Review 2014 (in German) on the potential role of European countries, and in particular Germany, in East Asian maritime security. A second article, on arms transfers to maritime South East Asia, appeared in Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte.

  • Sam Perlo-Freeman was quoted in the Independent based on his interview in the New York Times regarding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit and the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on military spending.

  • Siemon Wezeman's comments to Reuters on Viet Nam's submarine programme were picked up by CNBC, Euronews, the Economic Times and others.

  • Aude Fleurant discussed the France–Russia Mistral deal in Ria Novosti and the Voice of Russia.

  • Neil Melvin was quoted on the NATO summit in Bloomberg.

  • Pieter Wezeman discussed Swedish technology exports to China on Swedish Radio.

  • Tariq Rauf was quoted in a Bloomberg article on the investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear programme.

  • Tariq Rauf and Robert E. Kelley wrote an opinion piece for Arms Control Today on nuclear verification in Iran.



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SIPRI in the media
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 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2013. 

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