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  • Zhou Hang wrote an opinion piece for African Arguments on relations between China and South Sudan and Sudan.

  • Oliver Bräuner wrote an opinion piece in Review 2014 (in German) on the potential role of European countries, and in particular Germany, in East Asian maritime security.

  • Tariq Rauf was quoted in a Bloomberg article on the investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear programme.

  • Tariq Rauf and Robert E. Kelley wrote an opinion piece for Arms Control Today on nuclear verification in Iran.



JULY 2014





SIPRI in the media
SIPRI Yearbook data launches 2014

31 Jan. 2014:
 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2012. Read the press release or access the Top 100 list.

17 Mar. 2014: International arms transfers data for 2013. Read the press release or download the Fact Sheet.

14 Apr. 2014: World military expenditure data for 2013. Read the press release or download the Fact Sheet.

16 June 2014
: Launch of SIPRI's world nuclear forces figures. Read the press release or visit our nuclear forces pages.

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