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APRIL 2014


  • The launch of SIPRI's data on world military expenditure was covered in more than 1600 international media outlets, with significant coverage from Al Jazeera, the Tagesschau (Germany), Deutsche Welle's Agenda, The Washington Post, Le Monde, The Economist and many more.


  • SIPRI's military expenditure data launch event in New York was covered by Iranian Press TV.



  • Oliver Bräuner was interviewed by Czech newspaper Lidové noviny about United States President Barack Obama's recent visit to Asia and the impact of the visit on China–US relations.



  • Jaïr van der Lijn gave an interview to the German ipg-journal on the risks of peace operations abroad. He was also interviewed by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about United Nations peace operations in Africa.






SIPRI in the media
SIPRI Yearbook data launches 2014

31 Jan. 2014:
 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2012. Read the press release or access the Top 100 list.

17 Mar. 2014: International arms transfers data for 2013. Read the press release or download the Fact Sheet.

14 Apr. 2014: World military expenditure data for 2013. Read the press release or download the Fact Sheet.

16 June 2014
: Launch of SIPRI's world nuclear forces figures. Read the press release or visit our nuclear forces pages.

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In 2013, SIPRI was cited in approximately 20 000 media outlets, reaching a potential audience of more than
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