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June 2015




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  • The launch of the new SIPRI data on global military expenditure has been covered by more than 1700 media outlets worldwide. Contact SIPRI Communications Director Stephanie Blenckner for a complete report. 
  • Mathieu Dûchatel comments on Chinese arms exports to South China Morning Post.

  • Siemon Wezeman comments on the MH 17 to Deutsche Welle.

  • Robert Kelley gives an interview to The Real News on the Iran nuclear agreement (video and transcript).

  • The latest SIPRI Expert Comment by Ekaterina Klimenko has been quoted in among others the German Badische Zeitung.




SIPRI in the media
SIPRI Yearbook data launches 2015

15 Dec. 2014:
 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2013. Read the press release.

16 Mar. 2015: International arms transfers data for 2014. Read the press release.

13 Apr. 2015: World military expenditure data for 2014.  Read the press release.

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In 2014, SIPRI was cited in approximately 13 000 media outlets, reaching a potential audience of more than
100 million people in over 130 countries.
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