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February 2015





  • Siemon Wezeman commented on the United States' weapon exports to India in a Bloomberg article
  • Aude Fleurant spoke to La Presse about Canadian arms exports to Saudi Arabia. 
  • Ekaterina Klimenko discussed the new shipping route through the Arctic for Reuters. Her lecture on Russia's Arctic strategy was also covered by Kunskapskanalen (in Swedish). 
  • Pieter Wezeman discussed the implications of falling oil prices on military budgets in the Middle East for IPS, and the launch of SIPRI's arms industry data for Sky News Arabia
  • Zhou Hang commented on China's peacekeeping contribution to South Sudan in Phoenix Weekly(in Chinese).




SIPRI in the media
SIPRI Yearbook data launches 2015

15 Dec. 2014:
 Top 100 arms-producing companies for 2013. Read the press release.

16 Mar. 2015: International arms transfers data for 2014. 

13 Apr. 2015: World military expenditure data for 2014. 

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